common makeup mistakes..

Common makeup mistakes

These are just my opinions of things i’ve seen people do as mistakes in makeup and some helpful tips you can learn along the way..

Correct Wrong
Matches your overall body skin tone, apply testers between your cheek and lower jawline to make sure it matches correctly. (When in doubt go one shade lighter in foundation because after powder, contour, bronzing etc; face can appear darker). If you can’t find your shade in a foundation you can always mix other foundations together to achieve your shade. Apply primer and moisturize (even if skin is oily use light weight moisturizer 20-25 mins before foundation application).
Do not test on back of the hand, not an accurate match to your face. (Face can always tend to be lighter than rest of the body.) Don’t use two foundations that are full coverage rather have the second be lightweight or sheer.
Depending on the person’s skin foundation can deoxidize: can absorb foundation into skin’s natural oils meaning your pores, making foundation appear darker. Don’t apply foundation to bare skin without primer or moisturizer (dry skin can get away with no primer).
Use concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone to highlight areas of the face you want to bring forth for people to see. Always set your concealer with translucent powder.
Don’t get concealers that are too bright for your skin tone. Make sure to use corrector for under eye before applying concealer straight to eyes. None setting of concealer can cause creases under your eye.
Apply blush on apples of check and blend upwards. Find a matte color that compliments your skin.
Don’t blend below the apples of the check.
Highlight tops of cheeks, nose, and cupids bow.
Don’t highlight if you have large pores.
Black: Use darker shades available to fill in brows
Blondes :
1-2 shades darker than hair
Brunettes :
1-2 shades lighter
Never use black to do brows.
Do not over do your eyebrows examples: too thick, heavy on pencil (meaning whether it’s pencil or pomade you use to fill in your brows) key is to enhance brows not make them appear fake.
Use setting powder to set face.
Don’t ever use foundation powder to set makeup this will add on layers of makeup and begin to look cakey (mean layers on layers of makeup looks and feels heavy on the face).
Always use matte colors to contour any area of the face. Use the top of your ear to find your cheekbone line (from the top of your ear to inch or two from your lip is your cheekbone.
Never use shimmers to set contour or warmed toned bronzers.
Always take your time to apply liner whether it’s liquid, cream, or gel on a clean brush. Lightly outline where exactly you want the liner to go on your eyes to help avoid mistakes. Lighter on the eyes with the liner (pencil) will create more natural looks.
Never drag your liner down to far and make sure pencil isn’t too harsh (can put more product on eyes then needed).
Make sure to use a primer for eyes to ensure shadow last longer throughout the day. Use warm and matte shadows in crease area. Use correct adhesives to ensure fallout is less ( mainly for loose eyeshadows/glitters) .
Never use shimmer in crease area
Never apply eyeshadow without primer
Curl lashes with lash curler, then apply mascara (light coat) Chose lashes that are your style to wear, then apply lash glue.
Don’t curl lashes after mascara application.
Apply more liner if glue is still visible above eyelashes.
Brush cleaning:
Always wash your brushes after use the next day. This is equivalent to not brushing your teeth everyday. Helps keep skin clear and sanitized.
You use makeup brushes on your face, which means while you apply foundation, your brush is also collecting all the bacteria, oil, pollution, and debris that is collected on your face throughout the day…. yuck.
Makeup storage:
Storage of your makeup is important it needs to be kept stored in dry and cool places like medicine.
Some like makeup in their bathroom. However, storing makeup in the bathroom where you take showers will not only dry out and ruin your product, it can also make products more prone to collecting bacteria. Humidity is bacteria’s best friend, so store your makeup and makeup brushes in a cool, dry area to prevent ruining product and spreading bacteria on your face.

Be mindful that makeup does expire, therefore make sure you notice if foundation look separated or eyeshadow loose pigment, liner dries out. That is the time to throw them out.
Makeup helps to enhance your beauty not mask imperfections.
Skin care is just as important for underneath makeup. Make sure you take care of breakouts, sores, cuts, acne before trying to cover with foundation. ( makeup masks imperfections but not texture- skin’s surface condition. Example have acne scars , bumps they will be covered but still seen ).
Get familiar with foundation code.
In general, Caucasians will fall somewhere in the 10-20 shade range, Latinos in the 30-40 shade range, and African Americans in the 40-50 shade range. If your skin has more pink to it (the veins on your wrist appear blue) you’ll want to choose a “C” (cool) shade. On the other hand, if your skin has more yellow undertones (the veins on your wrist appear green), you’ll want to choose a “W” (warm) shade. If you’re uncertain of your skin tone (the veins on your wrist appear blue/green), an “N” (neutral) shade should do the trick.