Hair journey update..

Hey loves I am finally doing my 2 year update on my hair progress. If some of you don’t know I blogged about my hair journey from 1 1/2 years ago, where my hair had fallen out due to excessive damage. It is in my July 2015 post fyi , so you can know my journey from the beginning.I will just list the things that I have used, what they were used for, and how have I kept up the health of my hair.

First, I am currently back to relaxers (August 2015) from natural hair. I wore my hair natural to give my hair a break and to allow it to become healthy again before I went back to relaxers.

I continue to take Biotin supplement pills for hair, skin, and nails (10,000). It basically helps your hair to grow as well as nails, it also helps to keep skin clear (for me at least). I take 4x a day 2 morning/night.
Ors root stimulator fertilizing temple balm, I used on all the area’s of my hair that lacked growth. I use this occasionally if I feel my hair is thinning or sparse, used day and night when needed.
Deep condition with Paul Mitchell tea tree special conditioner once a week. I also use Design Essentials Express deep moisture conditioner to put moisture back into my hair.
I wear a silk head wrap, basically goes around your head like the shape of a donut, therefore it just wraps around your hair on the sides with the top left open.

image (22) Jan 2015

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