eyebrow routine


Hey loves,
I will be doing an eyebrow routine today, on how I do my eyebrows. I’ll list my steps below as usual but be mindful that you do not have to use the products I use!! There are plenty of cheaper, alternatives that are out there that work just as well.
1. First I get my brows waxed,to get rid of extra hairs and unevenness, then spooley all my hairs upward to get a clear view of what needs to be filled in.
2. My eyebrows are usual thinner towards the end of my eyebrow, therefore that’s where I mainly focus on using pomade to fill in.
3. Using an angled brush, I use Anastasia Beverly Hills brush for brows($18) and her pomade($18) in Ebony to fill in the ends of my brows.
4. I use powder (mainly eye shadow) that matches my eyebrows, to fill in any other area’s that need to be filled to have fullness to my brows (mainly at the start of my brows)
5. I use on a flat detailer brush with concealer 1 shade lighter than my skin tone under my brows to make sure to create the accurate shape of my brows then on the top use my actual skin shade concealer (makes them blend better into the skin, and seem more natural for me)
6. I use a brow gel (clear) Anastasia has a good one to keep your hairs in place.

That’s all I do ladies hope you learned something,
thanks, Jay