How I got started in makeup.

Hey loves,
You all keep asking me, how did I get started in makeup, or how did I become so well at doing makeup?
I first off want to stay that I am artistic person period. I did theater,dance,singing,and art in High school and my first year of college. I’m more so “I can show you better than I can tell you”, type of person. I basically one day while on break at a previous job,looked on YouTube and saw suggested video’s on my page so I clicked on one of the video’s and the rest is history. This was towards the end of 2013,and the person I first watched was Lauren Curtis tutorials. I am still a tomboy at heart but always wanted to know how to apply makeup, since I was 25 at this time and wanted to look more of my age. I would see woman dressed nice and how they added makeup to complete the whole look. My mother doesn’t really wear makeup, therefore one day someone gave her some Avon eye palettes along with some other stuff, that she then gave to me and I just played around and practiced in the mirror with the makeup. I wasn’t very well at first, my liner never matched, couldn’t apply eyelashes correctly, my blending wasn’t smooth. Therefore I went back on YouTube everyday and watched more and more tutorials,continuing to practice as well of course. I bought affordable brushes and cheap makeup to practice with, since I was a beginner still. Basically that’s all I did to get better. My advice to if you’re wanting to start makeup is always going to cheap or affordable small palettes & brushes to practice with them then gradually upgrade to more high-end products once your more familiar and confident to upgrade. There are so many affordable places to buy makeup from online: BH cosmetics, L.A. girl,ELF,NYX,and so many more that you can find. I hope this answered some of your questions!
Xoxo Jaime