get the look!




Hey loves,
Here is another get this look tutorial, sorry for the long delays on makeup looks! I will try to have set days where I will do tutorials and blogging, and post my schedule on my site and other social sites. Let’s get started!
1.Primed my eyes with elf primer
2.Applied any light shimmering color to brow bone
3.ABH eyeshadow in caramel to crease to warm up crease a little
4.Applied grey eyeshadow to crease with large fluffy blending brush
5.Applied black eye shadow base from NYX cosmetics on the lid blending that with the gray to subtract all harsh lines
6.Apply black eyeshadow on top of base to make a little darker
7.Apply elf liner and create a wing then used my NYX cosmetics sliver glitter eyeliner on top of the black liner
8.Apply false lashes (vegas_nay lashes from target)
9.Applied L’oreal blue eye liner in beginning of water line, then next Milani cosmetics Aqua blue sheen eye liner in the middle, and Milani Shimmering purple eye liner towards the end of the water line
10. Apply mascara to bottom lash line
Now your done and of course next you apply rest of face to finish the look (foundation,concealer,eyebrows) I will do a step by step contour and foundation routine soon, thanks for the patience!
xoxo Jaime