get the look!


Hey guys,
Back with another look I did recently as usual I’ll list the steps it takes to achieve this look, thanks again for visiting my blog!
1) Prep my eyes with urban decay primer potion, we do this to ensure our shadows don’t crease and last all day until makeup is removed.
2) Apply ABH shadow in caramel in crease area with large fluffy brush, back & forth in window shield wiper motions; this step allows shadows to blend in and smooth perfect with no harsh lines
3) Applied another ABH shadow in Sienna, with that same brush into the crease as well to warm it up a bit more, since sienna has a orangish brown color to it
4) Using a flat eye shadow brush I applied an elf mid pink color (sorry no name) in the inner lid of my eye
5) right next to that pink I applied (wet on synthetic brush) this L.A. colors loose eye shadow in bright green neon color with sparkles of color mixed in shadow as well
6) next to that neon green I added NYX loose eye shadow (wet on synthetic brush) in mid dark blue with shimmer of sparkles in it as well
7) lastly on the end of the lid I added bare minerals azure loose glitter shadow that is neon between blue and green with sparkles in it as well and applied the same way as the previous two shadows
8) next I took a clean blender brush and blended the top of my crease to not have any harsh lines so all colors looked blended together smoothly.
I will insert some pictures of the shadows below for those who want to see visually what the shadows looked like. xoxo Jaime
(pictures will be posted in order of steps FYI)