hair repair progress..

Hello loves,
Sorry i have been gone a few days, a lot is going on so i’m walking in my faith and trusting in the lord! No time for negativity, depression, stress, or excuses! So with all that being said, today’s blog will be about my hair transition as well as my breakage!
To start off I’ve always had healthy hair; might have had split ends here or there but nothing as severe as what happened to me last year in 2014. I decided to stop paying to get my hair done and do it myself to save more money. In March of 14′, I was letting my hair relax in between relaxers, therefore, I made quick weaves (as i have many times before for myself). I made a very cute short quick style to wear instead of putting heat onto my hair daily. I use to work in a kitchen so i was always constantly around heat, sweating my hair out causing it to become dry. I wore the wig not protecting my hair underneath (became lazy) therefore i was causing friction between the wig and my hair!image (70) I did this for months being irresponsible like i never have before. I developed whats called traction alopecia -is a form of gradual hair loss, caused primarily by pulling force applied to the hair. Example: frequently wearing their hair in a particularly tight ponytail,pigtails, or braids. My hair on my sides where my temple and ears are was going bald in only those areas! I went to my sister’s friend who is also a cosmetologist, she lived closer then my sister who was in San Jose, Ca and i was living in Stockton, Ca. She said to immediately stop wearing the wigs and i know better then to wear the wigs without protecting my natural hair etc….Therefore, my shoulder length had to be cut back into my very short (Halle Berry) styled cut i had for the last few years, because my hair was uneven and damaged.image (68)image (69)image (36) I therefore started over, and things were fine but i moved away to southern California in September 2014, and didn’t get the daily maintenance i had back in central valley. I stopped relaxing my hair in November that same year and decided to go natural. I have never been natural before since i was a kid when i was getting pressed. I was not aware how my hair still never recovered from the damage and transition process i was going through. I never found a stylist out this way, so i was doing the transitioning by myself ( I don’t recommend). I went back to central valley to visit family & friends and went to my usual stylist and my hair looked like this! image (55)image (71) It cleared and filled in my right side but the left got worst and spread down to the whole left side of my head. I was so embarrassed by this when i went back in January, to meet with my stylist i never wore my hair out until I got it done! So i decided to get a bob weave to cover it up so my hair was left out in the back to breathe, while i used treatments in the back to grow it back.image (22) I researched and looked up all things with baldness, and hair loss, damage. I wanted to know what caused it, how to repair it, if it could be repaired, how to prevent future incidents. I seen a page on black hair care, saying i needed to stop doing the damaging hair style, deep masque treatments, protein, take vitamins (biotin 10,000), wrap hair with silk pillows, or scarf, and find a treatment that promotes hair growth! I always used ORS products when i was a teen and seen the hair mayonnaise treatment for deep conditioning and picked it up. I was on youtube the next day watching this woman say she used ORS organic root stimulator that she rubbed on her edges and temples (she had more damaged hair then me breakage everywhere) and some rosemary oil as well and her hair grew back! I decided to give it a try, and a week later i started seeing slow but consistent hair sprouts in areas completely bald. I continued this morning and night as directed, continued biotin, and wrapping my hair at night and no heat or styles for a couple months. This is some pictures of the progress from feb to may 2015 image (42)image (56)
image (73)
image (72)image (75)image (77)image (45)
image (47) currently my hair looks like this very little damage now but grew back in a majority of my hair.IMG_20150709_190729
I continue to take my vitamins and use the ORS serum and happy to say my hair is back on track longer then it has been in the back area as well. I had surgery on my neck on the left side for a cyst i had when i was 10, and the radiation i had to go through caused my hair in the back to fall out and stopped growing for years it grew back for a short while in high school, then wouldn’t grow past a certain length, I didn’t like the look of my hair all around long and past my ears was 2-3 inch of hair so when i was 21, i had my sister cut it all off into a short Halle Berry cut. I wore my hair short for 4 years until around 25, i grew it back out again then cut it due to the damage, i just explained earlier. But moral of the story is please take care of your hair, it is just as important as the rest of regular routine you do everyday! I hope this helps some of you, or gives you hope for better days to come loves!!
–xoxo Jaime