How to build a savings?

Hello loves,

I will be talking about in this post on how to build a savings through my personal experiences, I am not a professional accountant or money manager, this is all my views on how to build a savings.
Always make sure to pay off your debts or anything you feel would affect your savings in the future!
First step: what are you saving for? Is there something in particular you are saving for like car, apartment, computer ,ect ? I always say the best way to save is not to save for necessarily one particular thing, but as “rainy day fund” , meaning its emergency money for any occasion.
Step two : get a goal. Goal meaning, how much you are going to put away; how every way you earn money for yourself. If you’re employed I suggest direct deposit. One, to do without the hassle of going to your job to pick up your check. Secondly, you can set up the money you want to put in your saving so therefore it’s already in your savings separate from your checkings without you touching it. If you do not have steady income as I haven’t had before, it can be a little difficult but manageable to save still. For example; If i made $50 for a day, I would put away $10 of it. You have to learn to manage money to make it last, especially when you do have steady income. I know this can be difficult, but must have strong what I call “want vs needs” mentality.
Step three: put into action; now step two said get a goal but now I’m saying to put it into action! I myself had troubles with this! You actually putting the money away. I suggest getting a savings account due to storing it at home if something like a fire, burglary was to happen your money is GONE! Savings is the safest route and you can build and earn interest. Research banks or credit unions to see what options is the best for you.
Step four: DO NOT TOUCH! I know this can be tempting! The whole point of a savings is to save and leave it alone! I understand things happen and you may need to use it for whatever reason, i suggest using it for emergency uses only. If you do dip into your savings, you should always want to replace the amount you used.
Step five: Learning to live within your means. I suggest that you learn the difference between “wants vs needs”. Want is something you desire; electronics, jewelry, clubbing are examples. Needs; Food, housing, clothing. You don’t need to go out to party, but you do need food in your home. I have realized in my early 20s that I spent more money out then I had coming in. We all have done this, dining out, movies, concerts, anything entertainment in general. Saturday and Sundays are the busiest and most expensive days to go out on purpose! In general most of us are off those days, so therefore they charge more than they would on a weekday. I learned if I wanted to go to eat, movies, club; I would go during the week where there were more deals,discounts and less people. Find fun things to do that are free. For example; beach, hiking, bike riding, sightseeing,the park. All fun doesn’t have to mean breaking your wallet.
Step six:look into investing some of your money. I say this because you can earn even more from small investments. I suggest you research and learn the trade before you invest, because it’s your money at risk. I personally have talked to a financial advisor at Charles Schwab, they are very well known company and I was given some good advice.