self confidence

Self confidence is something I have been asked a lot about lately. How am I confident with my looks and body things of that nature. First off i want to say I grew up a tomboy, so my looks never really mattered to me. As you have seen I have a “baby face” appeal to me; if I am wearing makeup I can look somewhat older. When I got to high school I was told by guys I was pretty, cute, all those things and made me realize I rather be respected than liked! I say this because “liking” fades away as respect tends to be more extensive. I have always been the type to want respect for what i do, who i am. Its not always about the best body, prettiest face,smallest waist because there is always someone prettier,sexier, and smaller than you. Obviously, we all have insecurities, doubts about anything. You have to own your flaws and learn to work with them or change the issue (in healthy ways). If it’s internal I believe in counseling because you’ll never be truly satisfied with anything that you do. You have to love yourself first,because you can’t expect someone else too, then be upset when they can’t give you what you feel you need. If you can convey that confidence of self love, self worth! You in all honesty get that man/woman, that you have been dreaming of!
God bless