workout routine

I have been asked by some of my friends and followers on social media regarding my workout, diet,and just all over general of what i do to stay toned. Therefore, i just wanted to tell you guys a little bit about my previous regiment. I currently do not work out, but I will still share some things I did.
First off I am already small so my focus is never losing weight but to just stay toned and feeling healthy. I’m 5’3, 118 pounds just to give you an overall visual.
Always stretch before exercising! Note: exercises I do may not be suitable for everyone, we all have different body types.

Exercises: lower body (on each side)
2 sets of 20 ski squats
2 sets of 20 of sumo squats
2 sets of squat pulses
2 sets of 20 leg lifts
2 sets of 45 degree angle
2 sets of 10 bridges
1 set of 20 reverse lunge with lift

24 reps of cycle crunch
24 reps of vertical leg crunch
10 reps of hundreds
2 sets of 20 plant up + down
2 sets of 20 crunch and reach

arm raise 15 reps with weights ( how ever much you can hold)
push up on ball 15 reps
bench dip 15 reps
bicep curl 15 reps
plank row 5 reps

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