Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to my blog. My name is Jaime Sweeney, 28 years old; bay area native-born in San Francisco raised in East Palo Alto.

I started my love of beauty at 24, which is surprising considering that I was a tomboy most of my life. My mother and father since I can remember were always into fashion, looking your best from head to toe at all times, and instilled that into me as well. When I came into my early 20s started to feel more confident in my womanhood to trade my js for heels and start wearing makeup.

I wasn’t the best when I first started off in applying makeup it was what I call “chocky, not well blended”. I continued to practice,watch tutorials of professional makeup artist, and continued to educate myself about the beauty world. Makeup is my hobby not my passion.

My first love is performing arts. I have studied voice, acting, and dance. I best express myself through visual arts, where I can freely express my creativity without limitations.

I created this blog to give some of what I’ve learned from life, arts, and beauty with all of you!

God bless,